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Make That Boring Gift Unique And Personal



Customized Embroidery






What makes an embroidery design                        unique?

   Is Quality Important?

A well embridered design is always good quality giving off a good impression. It should be crisp and clean.

   Uniqueness ?


As the customer you have full control over the design you want and embroidery is very versatile so can be applied to cap, t-shirts, polos, towels etc.

   Will it be Durable?

Embroidery is able to stand repeated wash cycles without the fear of your design falling apart. Embroidery creates a design with a nice amount of weight that looks sophisticated and should last for a long time

    How can you use it for                      Advertisement?


Embroidery offers an an excellent way to build brand awareness and to provide an introduction. Instead of your employee wearing a blank shirt think of the statement it woud make with your logo embroidered on the front of the shirt.



"Wow, what a beautiful and quick job you did embroidering the beautiful purple saddle pad for my daughter! This is Santa's gift to her, and she is going to love it! Thank you for the note and card, also! May the holidays be wonderful for you, as well!"



Embroidered Saddle Pad


"This is such a wonderful cap with the beautiful embroidery of a horse head. This is my second purchase of the same hat, as I am giving one as a gift."


Chino Cotton Twill Unconstructed Baseball Cap with Horse Head Design


Very cute. Also great customer service.

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